chairman message


By the grace of Almighty Allah,

The global economic order, the rapid rate of technological advancement, the information revolution, all have opened new series of challenges as well as opportunities. The ability to innovate and the capacity to adapt to latest technologies are going to be the forte in the new century.

Bracing ourselves for the 21st century, we have developed a sound business plan. We have captured major role in mechanical fabrication, building construction, and transportation in local market. Similarly we established another wiring in industrial construction, is going to achieve the goal.

We believe in protecting and improving the quality of the clients’ satisfaction. We stand committed to our clients that high quality product in the right and gives well after sales support.
Every member of the company fully involved in quality improvement efforts by developing necessary skills through trainings and attitude essential for quality assurance.

Our company’s philosophy is to strive to become your most trusted and preferred service provider for Mechanical fabrication, Industrial & infrastructure construction, Building construction and Transportation in terms of price, Quality and right time delivery.

We are committed to bring you cutting edge technology at incredibly competitive prices and provide you with the best after sales service.
We sincerely welcome you to contact us regarding any enquiries about our services or business opportunities.
In the end I am thank full to all my colleagues who are striving hard establish RAY PROJECTS as one of the leading Engineering, Construction and transportation company in Qatar.

Sheik Khalid Ahmed Mubarak Bin A.A. Rahman AL-Thani